The most obvious means of transportation in a city of any size is an adequate street and road network, allowing your Cims to travel by car, bus, or even by foot. The vanilla game comes with numerous road interchanges, but the user can also design custom interchanges or download modified interchanges on theSteam Workshop. Traffic congestion is a primary concern with relying completely on your road network to transport Cims, which is where our other transport options come in.

Zoning example in Cities Skylines
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Thankfully, your Cims don't need to rely on having a personal automobile for transportation. You can consolidate their travels through the use of various lines, such as buses, subways and trams. Once you create bus depots, subway/tram/train entry points, you can begin routing lines for each respective transport mode. Each has its comparative advantages: buses are low-cost, making it easier to keep a balanced budget early in your citie's development. Subways allow you to bypass your road network by placing lines underground. Trams work well in high-density commercial and office zones, but can cause considerable road traffic where they intersect roads. Trains are a great option when your Cims are traveling over long distances - i.e. between districts. They have the added benefits of 1) allowing tourists to visit your city and 2) transporting cargo goods in and out of your cities. The image below gives you an example of the transportation view, where you're able to view every line currently in use.

Transportation example in Cities Skylines
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When your city reaches a decent size, you'll want to invest in an airport. This allows tourists, businessmen and various other commercial interests to quickly travel to and from your city. No matter where you place your airport, it's important to connect it to other forms of mass transport - i.e. placing subways and bus lines right outside the airport. Ships, like trains, serve dual purposes. You can use them to allow tourists to access your beach resorts, but you can also use them to transport cargo in and out of your industrial zones.

Public Services example in Cities Skylines
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